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February 29, 2024

🗳️ Smith County Speaks: Tracking Turnout and Trends in the Primaries

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You’ve seen the signs and mailers, and you hear from political candidates every time you turn on the radio or watch the news. But have you voted? The CWJ team is tracking the election closely. Here’s how Smith County voters measure up!

As of yesterday, 13,401 voters have cast a ballot in Smith County. Of those, 11,260 voted in the Republican Primary and 2,141 voted in the Democratic Primary. This is in line with previous election outcomes. 81% of voters participated in the 2022 Republican Primary, 19% in the 2022 Democratic Primary, 71% in the 2020 Republican Primary, and 29% in the 2020 Democratic Primary.

Diving deeper into the current Republican Primary data, the southern part of the County is currently driving turnout as we expected based on elections on the ballot this year. The top 3 precincts are the Noonday area, Hollytree, and Emerald Bay. With these heavy turnout precincts, voters in County Commissioner District 1 make up 37% of all 2024 Republican Primary Voters thus far.

Voting numbers in the Republican Primary were highest on Wednesday, February 28, which is a slight deviation from the 2022 cycle. If history is any indication, Early Voters will flock to the polls this Friday, March 1, making it the highest turnout day of Early Voting.

How many of you will wait until Election Day to cast your ballot? Again, if history is any indication, about 43% will wait until next Tuesday.

Fewer than 30% of the 156,595 registered voters in Smith County historically vote in the March Primary. Be in the top third of the class – educate yourself on the choices and make plans to cast your ballot in these important elections. Our future depends on it! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸