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Anyone who has ever voted in a municipal referendum election knows the ballot language can be as difficult to decipher as ancient hieroglyphics. Voter confusion often leads to failure because when individuals do not understand what the city aims to achieve, the safest vote is a no vote. The City of Whitehouse faced this challenge when seeking voter approval for a sales tax reallocation and hired CWJ Strategies to educate voters by clarifying the goals of the referendum.

CWJ pursued a creative strategy to communicate the ballot language. Knowing the Whitehouse Mayor enjoyed strong support and had a reputation for fun antics, the team featured him in a video spoof, Masterpiece Theatre style, to explain the ballot language in layman’s terms. For voters who preferred more traditional forms of communication, the team developed clear, concise bullet points detailing the purpose of the referendum, as well as responses to frequently asked questions. These materials were emailed to voters, included in newsletters, and placed on the City’s website.

The effort was incredibly successful, leading to a victory with 69% of the vote.