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When six-term State Representative Matt Schaefer decided to step away from the Legislature, Daniel Alders wanted to be ready to take his place. To help ensure his success, Alders engaged the CWJ team. With the help of CWJ, Alders launched a full-scale public campaign the day after Schaefer announced his decision. Despite the announcement being made 119 days before the filing deadline, Alders’ strong start and strategically targeted early campaign efforts deterred any Republican challengers from entering the race.

This early momentum left Alders in a favorable position to focus on fundraising and comprehensive preparation for the November election. By seizing the opportunity and leveraging CWJ’s expertise, Alders was able to establish himself as the clear frontrunner, ensuring a smooth transition and solidifying his candidacy in the eyes of the electorate.

This case exemplifies how timely action, combined with a well-planned and targeted campaign strategy, can effectively clear the field of competitors and set the stage for success.